Top Tips for When Selling a Motorcycle

Before you sell your bike, make note of the below points.  They’re great tips that’ll provide a smoother selling experience.

Provide Detailed Service History

Buyers would want to make sure that the motorcycle is in the best condition possible. That’s why they would want to look at its service history. Without as much documentation of it as possible, the buyer could try and lower the asking price.

If you include detailed service history, more people would be interested in the vehicle too.

How’s Its Warranty?

You also need to offer all the documentation on the bike’s warranty. If anything were to happen to the motorcycle, the buyer would be able to get it tended at the dealer.

If you’re selling the unit with a lot of years remaining on its warranty, you’ll be able to sell it for more.

List It Well

You want to attract the most buyers, don’t you? You’d list the bike well. If you’re not the best with your words, ask friends or family to write the advert for you. You could even hire someone to do the write-up.

Make sure that you don’t price the vehicle for too much, though. If there are listings for similar models for a certain price, going well beyond it would make people think you’re trying to scam them.

Has It Been Optimized?

You could sell the vehicle for more by swapping its stock parts out. You could remove them for newer alternatives and improve its speed. Something that would greatly help with this would be a customized performance exhaust. Other things that would improve speed would be new air and fuel filters. If you look around, you’ll be able to find sellers that offer them for the cheapest possible rates.

Include All of Its Accessories

Are you going to be selling it with all the accessories it came with? If you don’t, there would be more incentive for buyers to chip away at the asking price.

You could include some add-ons too. Have a fork cartridge kit lying around? Why not sell it with the bike. It would make the product more tempting. You’d also stand out from other sellers.

How Are the Dents?

You may have owned the unit for years. Make sure it’s in the best condition before selling it. Take care of any dents and scratches it may have. Dealing with scratches is a piece of cake, as you just polish the bike’s exterior. Smaller dents can be tended to with specific tools. But more serious ones would need an auto-shop’s attention.

Final Thoughts

What did you think about everything we ran through? Just like any other vehicle, there are quite a few things to keep in mind before putting a bike for sale. The most important thing is making the unit very attractive. You can do this by listing it well and including the accessories and parts it came with. The latter would not let buyers’ chip away at the asking price either.

From the points discussed, which do you think would help the most?

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