JDM importing – Benefits of having company representatives in Japan

The first and the foremost rule in importing vehicles from Japan is that you should never ever go for any other solution unless completely checked with auctions. The sheer affordability and quality of the JDM vehicles in auctions have motivated Australian importers to invade the auction market.

But the question here is, how important is it to have a group of representatives in Japan?

See real photographs of the vehicle

We all know how retouched photos can be quite misleading. On the flip side, some auctioneers would love to show a photo that was taken a few months ago to the online bidders or prospective clients while the actual condition is much worse. When your choice of the importingcompany has representatives in Japan, they will take all the photos and let you see them.

Face to face negotiations

Even if the bidding goes on, there are no hard and fast rules on negotiations once the bidding is over. But this is a territory that not just anyone can walk into given the strict Japanese auction market.

Since these representatives have been doing this for years, they’ve made enough face time to be familiar. That allows them to negotiate face to face, increasing the chances for the best price.

The highest probability of winning

Online biddings will decline eventually given how technologically inconvenient it can be. However, even with online bidders, the bidders who are physically there always have a better chance of making a real presence.

Given how the company representatives would know how to increase the price, and when to do it in a very strategic method, you would always have the highest probabilityof winning for sure.

Minimal chances to be scammed

If you checked how much to import a car from Japan in the 2020s, you’d see a slight increment of the price, that has already started to lower. Better companies have no need of looting you; they have enough clients.

But when representatives are not present in Japan, the bidding would be done via a third party, and for all, you know the vehicle might even not be from an auction at all. That’s exactly why your company of choice must have representation in Japan.

Real-time updating

Companies or people who do have representation in Japan could easily scam you. But what if you get to see and know the entire process of bidding? This sort of real-time updating is how better companies want to show how reliable they are. Since that would reassure of the quality, now you know why it’s better to have representatives at JDM auctions.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that there are some things that can remotely, but bidding is just isn’t one of them. Even amidst the pandemic, the popularity of JDM auctions is not going down. Thus, if you want the JDM ride you’ve been eagerly waiting to own, it’s highly recommended to go for a company that assures you to be repressed in Japanese auctions by being physically present.

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