Qualities of a Professional Lorry Driver

A rising demand on lorry drivers, also known as heavy goods vehicle driver, has been observed in the past months especially in western and European countries. As for the cause of it might still not be known for the moment but many suspect that it is because of the shortage of the drivers since the pandemic hit many industries, as many logistics personnel choose to have a different profession over moving around with high chances of getting sick and some just chose security and life stability over salary.

With rise of the demand many are grabbing the opportunity to be a professional lorry driver, but what personal qualities must a lorry driver possess to be able to do his job properly, here are some pointers on that.

Mental Alertness

Driving a very heavy and big truck is not the same as driving an ordinary car of course you will have or must have the proper basic training to drive one but one of the most important aspects in this job of being a lorry driver is mental alertness.

You must not a sleepy head behind the wheel you must be one that can maintain alertness and focus in your mind to fulfil the task that you have to do. Having to carry a road freight with other motorists, one must be able to maintain control and be alert on the speed and orientation of the truck in the road. 

Professional Work Etiquette

As you will be bringing goods from on point to another you will also be bearing the trust of the company on each assigned task to deliver and carry the goods to the point of delivery. Your professionalism will be needed in such aspect.

The goods that you will be delivering as a driver might account to a bigger amount and it might be bigger than one’s salary on a given day, thus it is important that one’s sense of professionalism should stand out. In many places in the world a lorry driver might not gain that much prestige, but being a good and trustworthy lorry driver is better than a crook.

Physical Strength

Many might not realize this but being a driver requires mental and physical strength in order for one to do their job and finish their task properly. Some deliveries might require days on the road and if one is not physically fit to do the job then the delivery schedule will surely be affected, thus it is important for lorry drivers to be physically healthy and be physically fit on the job. Another part of the job that some might not realize is that the driver is oftentimes required to assist with the unloading of the goods, thus strength is also required for that part.

Mechanical Skills

You need the mechanical knowledge not only in terms of driving but also on truck machines troubleshooting and even knowledge on fixing it. The idea is that when you are on the road and you will have car troubles at certain instances one could find a mechanic to fix the trouble but there are oftentimes that there are no available mechanical technicians to do the fixing, thus one must have at least the most basic knowledge on mechanical troubleshooting and mechanical repairs.

Among many other things one must have at least an inkling of interest so that they will do the job and play the part properly.

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