Claiming your insurance after an accident

You might wish to file a claim with your car insurance if your vehicle is involved in an accident. You can find all the information you require on this page before filing a claim. And what to do if the driver is uninsured or refuses to provide you with their information.

In the event of an accident, you ought to:Don’t acknowledge fault right away; instead, exchange names and contact information with the other drivers and obtain the names and contact information of any independent witnesses. Your insurance might be able to track down a person if they won’t provide you their information via their vehicle’s registration number.

Even if you don’t want to file a claim if someone is hurt, immediately notify your insurer about the accident and display your insurance. If you are unable to do this right away, bring the paperwork to the police station within seven days and take pictures that you might be able to use as proof if you ever need to file a claim.If you have a comprehensive policy, you should file a claim with your own insurer. However, if your insurer is unable to recover the funds from the other driver’s insurer, you risk losing your no claims bonus. Make sure you select an insurance company like national motor claims melbourne to avoid such problems.

For any injuries or losses not covered by your own policy, you can still file a claim with the insurance company of the other driver. These are known as uninsured lossesand they can include the excess on your insurance policy, loss of profits, alternative transportation and personal injuries.

Get a claim form from your insurance company or send a letter with the necessary information to the other driver or their insurer, including the specifics of the collision and the other driver’s policy number. Any independent witnesses should be reported to your insurance and if possible, witness testimonies should be sent. They might be able to assist you if you purchased your coverage through a broker or agent. Make sure to maintain copies.

When third party insurance is present you ought to file a claim against the other driver and let the insurer determine who was at fault for the collision. You will be required to pay for your own vehicle’s damages if they determine that you are at fault.Inform the other driver in writing if you intend to make a claim against them. Inform the business as well if they were operating a company car. Inform your own insurer that you have completed this. The other driver needs to notify their own insurance company about the collision.

If you were an injured passenger of an uninsured driver and you knew or reasonably should have known that they were uninsured, you will not be eligible to make a claim.Before you have your car fixed, your insurer can send someone to inspect it. They can request that you utilize a certified repairman or give them price quotes.